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Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Florida Private Investigators,  Employee theft is not uncommon in today's workplaces, and it's often the employee you least suspect that are dishonest.  

 A daily newspaper on just about any given day and there's a very good chance you will see an article about one or more employees caught stealing in some form from their place of employment.    Advice- From A Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Private Investigator, Employee theft - pilfering, larceny and embezzlement to name a few - comes under the umbrella of what is considered fraud. The end result is the same: businesses suffer a loss. On average, it takes 18 months for an employer to catch an employee who is stealing.

Every year billions of dollars are lost by businesses nationwide to employee fraud and theft and the number of incidents are rising. If your business is small, you're especially vulnerable to occupational fraud and less able to absorb a loss than a larger business.


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Florida Employee Theft Investigations.


Are Employees Stealing.

Retail loss prevention. Retail loss prevention is a set of practices employed by retail companies to preserve profit. Profit preservation is any business activity specifically designed to reduce preventable losses.

Retail loss prevention is a set of practices employed by retail companies to preserve profit. Profit preservation is any business activity specifically designed to reduce preventable losses. A preventable loss is any business cost caused by deliberate or inadvertent human actions, colloquially known as "shrinkage".  Deliberate human actions that cause loss to a retail company can be theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, or misconduct. Inadvertent human actions attributable to loss are poorly executed business processes, where employees fail to follow existing policies or procedures - or cases in which business policies and procedures are lacking. Loss prevention is mainly found within the retail sector but also can be found within other business environments.

Since retail loss prevention is geared towards the elimination of preventable loss and the bulk of preventable loss in retail is caused by deliberate human activity, traditional approaches to retail loss prevention have been through visible security measures matched with technology such as CCTV and electronic sensor barriers. Most companies take this traditional approach by either having their own in-house loss prevention team or using external security agencies. Their are Four elements are necessary for a successful loss prevention plan: 1) Total support from top management, 2) A positive employee attitude, 3) Maximum use of all available resources, 4) A system which establishes both responsibility and accountability for loss prevention through evaluations that are consistent and progressive."

Periodically retail business inventories all of the merchandise in the store. Items that are unaccounted for compared to what the inventory system believes the store should have are losses or "shrink". Shrink is caused by operational errors, internal theft, and external theft. Retail loss prevention is responsible for identifying these causes and following up with training, preventing, investigating, responding to and resolving them.

External theft

External theft is when customers intentionally cause shrink by theft, fraud, or vandalism. 80% of customers who steal merchandise are opportunists and do not walk into the store with the intent to steal. They find that one thing they did not expect to find, cannot afford to pay for it, and will steal it if they have the opportunity. Others are desperate who will steal essentials for their family, but only if they have the opportunity. A few steal because they like the adrenaline rush and will steal, regardless of how much money they have if they have the opportunity. The remainder are "boosters" who are thieves for a living, walk in with the full intent to steal and sell their goods for a profit, on their own, or to a "fence" that sells stolen merchandise.

The vast majority of thieves have one thing in common, they will steal only if they have the opportunity. So theft prevention is fairly easy. Constant and great customer service will eliminate most opportunity to steal. However, there are those who are not as easily deterred. Prevention techniques commonly used are customer service, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) with inventory control devices, uninformed or plain-clothed security and/or loss prevention personnel, surveillance systems, dummy cameras, locked display cases, etc.

Retail loss prevention uses several prevention techniques because, like most things, there is no one answer for everything. Once all prevention measures are in place, resolving external theft in many companies includes apprehending shoplifters. State laws vary and allow business owners or representatives of the company to detain shoplifters with "reasonable force" for a "reasonable amount of time" until law enforcement arrives. Several companies have designated trained individuals who are allowed to detain shoplifters according to company policy. Modern retail loss prevention teams use surveillance techniques with camera systems or on the sales floor or a combination. Working in teams has its advantages since one person can man the cameras while the rest of the team observes on the sales floor as individual shoppers in disguise or male and female loss prevention agents posing as a couple.

Policy from company to company varies, but are basically the same. There are very specific elements that Loss Prevention must observe before detaining a shoplifter.

Some of the typical elements are:

Observe the subject enter the store or department
Observe the subject select merchandise
Observe the subject conceal merchandise
Know what the subject selected and where it was concealed
Maintain unbroken observation of the subject

In some companies, entering a restroom or fitting room is broken surveillance and elements must start over. Observe the subject pass all points of sale. In some states, the point of sale may be the line of cash registers or the front door. One must observe the subject exit the store.

If any of the elements used by the company are not observed, Loss Prevention may not detain the subject according to company policy. The use of force or detain the shoplifter varies from company to company and take local and state laws into consideration.

Detaining an individual who did not take merchandise is referred to as a "bad stop", and depending on the severity of the situation and if force was used against the innocent business patron will depend on the severity of the consequences for the loss prevention agent. Consequences for a bad stop may include a civil lawsuit, corrective action from the company up to and including termination, criminal prosecution for kidnapping is possible if an innocent customer is moved and detained against their will, etc. So mistakes are not an option and the fear of making mistakes can be very stressful.




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Employee Theft Investigations, Florida Private Investigators.

Private Investigators, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Florida, If employment fraud is suspected, one should seek legal advice and the services of a licensed private immediately. While the main aim will be to obtain evidence that will stand up in court, one should proceed with caution. There is a risk of being taken to an employment tribunal should one's suspicions prove incorrect or should one act in a way that breaches an employee's employment law rights..

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Florida Yacht Repair Fraud, Overcharges, Defective Repairs, Investigation.


Investigations Of Marina False Work, Parts, Labor. Yacht Repair Fraud, Overcharges, Defective Repairs. Yard Repairs, What Was Charged? What Repairs Were Completed? Florida Private Investigators. I am a licensed U.S.C.G Captain, Private Investigator, Fraud Examiner and will conduct investigations in regards to your yacht repairs and the expenses. Investigations, we also investigate maritime accidents to determine fault and cause of the incident and who is responsible for damages.

Yacht Repairs Fraud, Investigating Marina Repairs, Costs. This investigations of your yard repairs will be conducted in a in a timely manner. I provide my client with a verification that your changes of your Yacht's Marina Repairs are valid or incorrect.

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Florida, Employee theft is not uncommon in today's workplaces, and it's often the employee you least suspect that are dishonest.
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