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Social Media, Social Networking, Guide For Parents.

Kids Online, Their Secret Life. What You Need to Know, Most Parents Have No Idea Of What Their Kids Are Doing Online.

Should A Parent Monitor Their Children's Social Media Activities? There are hundreds of social media sites, each with its own intricacies. And they are changing every day. There really is no magic bullet, but in order to have a better understanding of social media investigations, you really need to know the websites and how to gather information from them..

Social Media Research For Parents With Children.   Just as we prepare our kids for life in the real world, we should prepare them for life in the online world.   A Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Florida Private Investigator , Guide For Parents With Children. Your Kids Online, Their Secret Life. What You Need to Know, Most Parents Have No Idea Of What Their Kids Are Doing On Social Media Websites.


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A Parents Guide To Conducting A Social Media Investigation.



How To Monitor Your Childs Social Media Activities.


The list of online games and social networking sites seems to grow longer every day.

Their are alarming headlines about cyberbullying, sexting, and other forms of online harassment. The social media sites offer a alarming amount of information about your child and most likely they put this information on willingly without parental awareness of the sites.

Parents have to learn to search, find and navigate, these social media sites that their children utilize. Some Social Media websites have age limits but are rarely enforced.

Find The Social Media Site, Google Reverse Image Search.

How can this help you? Most people don't bother changing the profile picture for the various social networks they use, often using the same exact photo and posting the exact same pictures.

With Google's reverse image search, you can scour the Internet for any instances in which a particular photo has been published.

It will find the exact matching photo or any similar photo that has been posted on Facebook, Instagram, blogs or anywhere else on the Internet, for that matter.

Fraudulent promoters may claim to offer independent, unbiased recommendations in newsletters when they stand to profit from convincing others to buy or sell certain stocks. They may spread false information to promote worthless stocks. To learn more, read our tips for checking out newsletters.

Google, Yahoo Inclusive Search,

What Is An Inclusive Search.

An inclusive search is when you place the search term,

"your child name or address, phone number in quotes, example "search term"

Another Example: "last first" This is an inclusive name search.

Another Example: "first last" This also is also inclusive name search.

Another Example: "954 768 9222" This also is also inclusive TELEPHONE search.

Another Example: "115 Stone Brook Lane, Ft Lauderdale, Florida" This also is an inclusive ADDRESS search.

Find The Social Media Site, Facebook Graph Search.

An Incredibly Useful Search It's an incredibly useful. Google this phrase ( How to Utilize Facebook Graph Search )

Luckily for parent investigators, Facebook has done a really poor job explaining their privacy policies in plain English, leaving heaps of information available to the public, unbeknownst to them.

You may and your children may never know for certain who their dealing with, if their credible, because many sites allow users to hide their identity behind multiple aliases. Sex predators use social media sites. A person can easily create the file social media account under various aliases.

To find someone, you can use a variety of search terms, such as:

Friends of people named "First, name last, name"

Photos of people named "first, name last, name"

Search Engines And The Inclusive Search Methods.

One way to find information on your child's internet activities. Use the inclusive search method. Just use quotes around the search term. You can check all information, images, news.

Contact Us If you need our investigators to track your children's internet activities. Telephone: (954) 768 -9222.

Contact Us If you need our investigators to suggest different spyware you can install on your computer to monitor the children internet activates.

Contact Us If you need our investigators to suggest different cameras to monitors your child's internet activities.


Preparing Your Child For Consequences.


"No Facebooking Till They Are Thirteen. You need to make sure that your child stays away from Facebook until 13 AND until you are comfortable with him or her having an account. There are measures put in place, such as reporting an underage child, but ultimately, it should be the parent who has the say on when and if that account gets created.

Check Privacy Settings, Spyware, Malware, Virus are know to be attached to social media sites. This protects the computer user, but also the computer from the threat of viruses. Checking your Facebook privacy settings is easy as well. Simply go here to ensure that you are up to speed on its privacy policy and make any changes you deem necessary.

Create Ground Rules. Children should have ground rules and consequence than if they break a family rule while on the social sites. Families should agree on ground rules is to create a dual sign in. .

Limit Internet Time. Take The Computer Power Cord. Family gathering, meals, fun time should be without the children on the computer. Kids never get enough sleep as it is, so staying up half the night on line certainly doesn't help,

Locate The Computer in a Central Location. Monitor your Childs online activity when the computer is located in a central location. When your child is online you can monitor what sites they are utilizing. The kitchen or family room is an excellent location to watch there activities.

Know what Pictures Your Child Posts. On the internet nothing is ever deleted. Any picture, post has a place in the cloud that can be found at a later date. Your children sharing photos with friends via email or a social networking site, will be available for years.

Your Children's Online Reputation. Children do not understand the long termed nature of the online world. This social media information will leave a digital footprint is and the impact inappropriate post or images may be a future negative review for college or employment.

Discourage you child from engaging in in meanness, gossiping and posting anything that's untrue or potentially harmful or embarrassing. Children should understand that other will read there post and possible take negative acts against a person. 


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Investigate Your Children's Internet Activities.

Private Investigators, Fort Lauderdale Florida. Social Media Research For Parents With Children. Just as we prepare our kids for life in the real world, we should prepare them for life in the online world..

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Kids Online, Their Secret Life. What You Need to Know, Social Media, Social Networking, Guide For Parents.
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